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Hi this is Janice.  Remember in the last episode when I mentioned new discoveries during my journey to obtain our family farm?

Well, I have been volunteering on a local farm for a couple of months now.   One of my chores involves caring for a  flock of egg laying hens.   During my first day there I learned so many things such as how to clean a chicken coop, how to identify a rooster from a hen, and how common mice are on a farm.   Yes, you heard me correctly.    Now, it’s not like like the farm was swarming  with them like in the movie Ben, but the few that I saw during my first day had me rethinking this whole farming thing.   What have I gotten myself into!  This is truly a place where only the strong survive, but I was not going to give up that easily.   Needless to say, I was VERY alert that day.

I came back the next week.   I decided to handle the situation like a true farmer in training would.  I approached the farmer and said, “Hey, I need to ask a favor of you.   I need you to help me get comfortable around mice….a sort of mouse therapy if you will”.  He agreed that we would slowly work on this.   Feeling proud of myself, I proceeded to head into the coop to help with cleaning.   Not more than 2 minutes later, out of nowhere,  I spotted a  chicken running towards me with what appeared to me Mickey’s little cousin in her mouth.  I screamed, and quickly ran out of the coop.   This was unreal.  It’s like the mouse gods heard me and wanted to test my will.   That is NOT what I had in mind.
After I calmed down a bit, the farmer patiently found a dead mouse on another trap nearby and assisted me with being able to hold the trap and then eventually, the mouse itself.   That was an improvement.   I have pics to prove it 🙂
I was so happy with myself, and I know I will need to continue to do this in order to gain more confidence.  This journey is indeed filled with many surprises.
Until next time,